about lynnie g

I first started blogging three summers ago. You can imagine how many different templates, posts, pictures, depressions and "I quit" moments I've had since my original idea to become a blogger happened. The fun part is that I always come back to it, so I know that I am meant to over come this challenge. 

This template will be better than my previous templates simply because I've been here before - starting a blog - five or six times and counting. I want to reflect who I am in my blog this time around, no more copying successful bloggers, no more wearing styles aren't me. I've  decided that its being myself that is going to make an impact, not trying to be someone else.

I want "being you" to be a reoccuring theme on my blog and in my life, not just for myself but for the wonderful people who read my blog, follow my instagram or pass me by on the street. In my mind, style has always been an avenue to express myself. I use clothing and fabrics and shoes to portray my truest self, even if I don't share every aspect of who I am outloud. 

I want this blog (or jumble of pictures and words) to be a space where women (or anyone) feel like they can find real, attainable, style inspiration. I don't know about you, but I am sick of looking at blogs and trying to find inspiration for my style and finding that I can't afford it, let alone wear THAT around on my college campus. 

My goal here is to bring my readers real, attainable style inspiration. I want you to visit my site for any of your inspiration needs and leave it feeling confident that you can venture out and find pieces that make you feel beautiful, stylish, and most importantly like your true self.

This my friends, is why I keep coming back. Thank you for coming on this style adventure with me. It's gonna be a blast:) 

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