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A Woodland Holiday

A Woodland Holiday

Hello Diamonds!

Lynnie here, reporting LIVE from A Woodland Holiday Fashion Show! Well, sort of...

I was incredibly privileged to be invited to my very first fashion show! This extravaganza was held at the Stoney Creek hotel in Independence Missouri. I cannot express to you how excited and honored I was and still am to blog for this event! This event was put together beautifully, not to mention the wonderful brunch served! 

Seeing all the winter styles was exhilarating. Michael Kors, Chico's, and many more brought forth their best effort. From jeans to dresses and heels to boots, these styles were fresh and new from top to bottom. No matter if the outfit was a dress or jeans, they never disappointed.

Along with all the great fashion and beautiful models, Stephanie Mill shared some really valuable information. She is a Cabi stylist that loves to help women spice up their wardrobes. She showed us how to layer pieces, how to pattern mix, and how to mix textures. She gave wonderful tips that were very useful all for free! 

Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I am so lucky, and so grateful to have been a part of it! Loved every second of it, and will never forget it as long as I live.

Stephanie Mill - Independent Cabi Stylist - stephaniemill@comcast.net - www.stephaniemill.cabionline.com - www.facebook.com/stephaniemillindependentcabiconsultant


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