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My Makeup Routine

Let's take a trip through my makeup routine and maybe you can pick up a few pointers for yourself along the way! I use Dermalogica's normal/oily skin kit to cleanse my face. This really helps my skin feel hydrated and healthy. I start my makeup routine with foundation. I was very skeptical about using foundation at first, in fear I'd adopt that "cakey" look; however, I found the perfect two foundations that cover without making my face look heavily made-up. Don't be scared to try new things! I'm sure there is a perfect foundation out there for you too! In the winter, my skin is a lot lighter, so I use Tarte Cosmetic's BB Tinted 12-hour Primer SPF 30 in the Medium shade. Yes, it is called a "primer" but for me, it serves as foundation, just because I like a light, natural look to my foundation. If this does't work for you, the foundation you normally use works too! In the summer, the sun provides it's glorious rays, and I tan VERY easily. I'm sure you girls understand what I'm talking about! So in the summer I use Per-fekt's Skin Perfection CC Cream in the Rich shade. This is a creme base foundation, so it is a little heavier than the BB cream. But the CC cream is a foundation, hydrator, color corrector, oil controller, and more! It makes me feel good to use it, and I have really noticed a difference in my complexion! If you're looking for something that is better for your skin, this could be a good choice for you! 

After foundation, I contour. It took me years to even understand what contouring was. Once I figured out how to do it, it was like a whole new world opened up! I have to admit that I searched everywhere to find out exactly how to master contouring. It was a Pinterest post that finally got through to me. Hopefully this post or other Pinterest posts can help you find the perfect contouring map! When I use Tarte's BB cream, I use my Per-fekt foundation and concealer to contour. When I use Per-fekt for foundation, I use dark brown blush and  contour. I will admit that I haven't found a concealer that I love yet. I'm still searching! If you have any suggestions click here

Eyebrows are next. I use a brow powder from Ulta that has five different shades, from light brown all the way to black. My brushes from Sephora included the absolute BEST eyebrow brush ever! I'm sure you all have your favorites too. Before I use color through, I comb my brows so that the hairs are smooth and neat. I outline my brows with the lighter shade on the palette. That's the one that matches my hair color the best. Most eyebrow palettes have many shades to chose from, so don't worry, you're color is out there! After I outline them, I fill them it lightly. I recommend brow gel to set them in place; however, again I need to invest in some myself! I've heard about many, but haven't had the chance to research any. Have you? Tell me about them here!

Next is blush and eyeshadow. Blush is very easy. I use Benefit's Rockateur in the Rush of Heat shade, and apply it to my cheeks. This shade matches my skin tone well. I've noticed that shades that are more pink don't work for me, but they could work for you! My advice: the darker your skin tone, the darker the blush. But, I'm not an expert, so do whatever you feel comfortable with! For day time I lightly dust. For night time, I use a little more, stroking three or four times. For eyeshadow I use an array of palettes. My favorite palette is Urban Decay's Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette. This palette includes shades of pinks and neutrals, along with a deep black shade and a white shade. I love this palette for day time events. It seems to brighten my eyes. Naked 3 works for me because of my skin tone and eye color. The other Naked Palettes could work better for you depending on the shade of your skin and eyes. Most of my other eyeshadows are just the cheap ones from Ulta, but they sure do serve their purpose! I think eyeshadow is very unique to the person. I go for neutral colors the most, just because I feel most comfortable with them. If you have a certain color or colors that you like, try to find them in different brands and shades, it's always fun to compare! I usually try to match my shadow with the outfit I'm wearing, but I noticed some do it the opposite way. Maybe you like to match your outfit with your makeup. Go for it girl!

Eyeliner and mascara are very important, if not the most important to me. Sometimes my eyes don't stand out very well so I need these to help that. I am now hooked on Nars' Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner in Black. It is a pencil eyeliner so it is very easy to apply, and it stays all day! But, of course there are others if this doesn't work for you. I apply it to my top lid as close to my lash line as possible. I hate having a gap there. Next I apply it to my lower lid, right on the water line. This keeps the liner from getting below your eye and causing raccoon eyes. I am also obsessed with Mary K's Lash Love Mascara. I apply this first as a base, and over is, I apply Benefit's They're Real mascara for a final coat. This gives my lashes an extra pop. Some of you have naturally long and full eyelashes, so you might not need two kinds.  

Finally, I move to the lips. My favorite lipstick is Kat Von D's Studded Lipstick in the Homegirl shade. This is such a daring, bold color, I just LOVE it! Smashbox's Be Legendary Lipstick in the Pout shade is a close second though, it is just too sweet! I sometimes experiment with my lip color. My favorite experiment so far I also found on pinterest. There are so many different ideas on Pinterest, I'm sure you all have favorites. I use Pout on the middle of my lips, and Homegirl on the corners. It gives the illusion that my lips are a little bit bigger than they really are, which is awesome. Some people don't like lipstick and that's totally understandable! If you like to experiment with it I totally think you should try this. If not, that's perfectly cool too! It took me a while to be brave enough to wear lipstick. Here's my advice on that: start simple! Try a neutral color first, then work your way up. I promise you'll find your groove. Don't be scared!

It seems pretty long, but my makeup routine usually only takes about 45 minutes. If it's a special occasion, it could take longer. I think that 45 minutes is an acceptable time to spend on makeup. If you spend longer, I admire you! I get so impatient, I wish I could spend more time on it! There's nothing wrong with a woman spending time making herself look extra pretty right?! If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please visit my "Contact Me" tab, or click here! I hope this helped!


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