find inspiration, curate your style, build the wardrobe that empowers you.


 I want to share my story with the world, not only because it is a very unique one, but also because it's a very relatable one. So many young women are insecure. I know, because I've been there. I want every female to be able to tell herself every day that "I'm Beautiful, and nothing can stop me from making my dreams come true." Because once she's reached that point...she'll fly.

This blog is about finding out who you are. Together, we are going to use the power of fashion to create a look, and eventually, a style that is unique to you. 

When I wake up, I feel a certain energy. I like to capture that energy, and use it to create an outfit. If I'm feeling bubbly, I like to wear pink. If I'm calm, I like to wear neutral colors. But this way I can create my own style, and feel great about what I'm wearing. I will try to post weekly about an outfit I've chosen. 

I not only hope to inspire the little fashion diva within each one of you, but I also hope to help women everywhere to embrace all of her uniqueness, and to love herself. There is no better feeling than to let loose, and be yourself.