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Graduation Attire

Graduation, and especially graduation parties are the best places for expressive fashion statements. From formal black dresses, all the way down to fun crop-tops, graduation time is the best time to go shopping! Most grad parties are pretty casual, but of course a lot (and when I say a lot I mean BILLIONS) of pictures are going to be taken. Never do we ever want to look back at grad pics and think "ohemgee WHAT was I WEARING?!", am I right?

So, think casual chic. Jeans are totally acceptable for grad parties. Add a cute statement piece like a crop-top, a jacket, a kimono, the list goes on and on! Some people worry that jeans are too casual, but with the right top, shoes and jewelry, jeans can be very stylish, and VERY chic. There are so many different things you can do with jeans! Roll them, tuck them, cut them, you name it! Ripped jeans are hot right now, so use them to your advantage. If your ripped jeans are getting boring, spice them up with some patterned tights or hose under them. Totally 80's I know, but I personally think this style is impossibly chic. There is always the option of throwing some super cute and comfy heels on to go with your jeans. YES, heels are perfectly appropriate for grad parties AND graduation! Wedges are perfect for grad parties because they are surprisingly comfortable (depending on how high the wedge actually is). Cork wedges are especially great for graduation events because they are the perfect mix of casual and dressy. Of course you could dress up a cork wedge, but the fun part is that you can actually dress cork wedges down! Jeans, a skater dress, a high-low skirt, the possibilities are really endless. If you're not a "heels" type of person, throw on some fun sandals. Pretty sandals are always an option for grad parties and graduation. They are so comfortable, but they also come in every color and every style you could possibly think of, so there is absolutely no reason to worry about matching your outfit. 

Drifting away from jeans and shoes, let's talk dresses! For graduation, whether you are a spectator or you are the one actually graduating, there's really one goal you're shooting for. At a graduation, you want to be professional, and sophisticated. Black is ALWAYS a great choice. Karl Lagerfeld once said "One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress." The Little Black Dress, made famous by Coco Chanel, is one of the most influential fashion moments of all time. There are so many different styles of the standard black dress. I truly believe that you're own unique personality can be depicted with the black dress you chose. Black is elegant, sophisticated, classy, and so much more. Graduation is full of all those things, it just seems natural to wear black, and while you're at it, honor one of the most famous fashion designers ever! I am very biased about the black dress probably because my own graduation dress just happens to be black. So, moving on from my own biased opinion, a lot of people like to wear white to graduation. White is a very pure and elegant color. Weddings, confirmations, graduations...these are some of the most common places that people choose to wear white. I think white is a great choice for graduation, especially a white dress. It signifies the pureness of the little baby high schooler who is now all grown up. It's such a beautiful color no doubt will you have people stopping and staring! Now, grad parties are a little different. Any color is appropriate for the party! Don't be scared to wear a bold color or print to a grad party. Graduation parties have "fun" written all over them, and color can always be fun! Try a short and flirty dress. Skater dresses are essentials. These are dresses that are fit at the top and at the waistline, then flare around the thighs and backside. I KNOW you guys have one somewhere in that closet! They are the happy medium between tomboy and girly-girl. It should be the law to own one. Another thing about skater dresses is they are so flattering! Literally, they hug your body in exactly the right places, and they flare right where you need them too. As far as fit goes, this might be one of my very favorites. Throw on a fancy blazer with it, or choose a jean jacket. Either way this dress will have you looking perfect for that grad party you're so excited about! Not to mention, rompers (or jumpers) are a very easy option. One piece, accessorize, and you're done! There are so many different options with rompers. Heels, sandals, or even converse can be worn with a romper! They are usually super cute and super cheap.

Some girls are not very fond of dresses. There is ALWAYS a solution. You can wear pants and still look dressy! At grad parties, anything goes. Like I mentioned earlier, jeans are totally acceptable. On the other hand, it's totally rad to dress up too! Suits can always be an option. It seems like suits can be too business-like, or uppity, but there are so many ways to keep it cool with a suit! That white blazer hiding in your closet...(don't give me that look) is PERFECT! Wear a bright or pastel button up with that blazer, wear some light washed boyfriend jeans, or your favorite pair of slacks and Ta-da! You've created a grad-worthy "suit". Don't think for a second that you absolutely HAVE to wear the whole matching get up. Mix it up, have a fashion show. See what you like and don't like. Do not EVER be timid about mixing things up sometimes. You can even create a whole new outfit without having to go out and buy anything if you just mix and match a little bit! 

Graduation attire can be super stressful, but don't let it be this year! Stick to the essentials, and try new things. I KNOW you guys will make me proud!


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