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Summer Lovin'

Ahhhh, breathe in that familiar summer breeze. Hot, sunny days and warm, crisp nights. Summer is finally here! Some of our most cherished memories are made in months of May, June, and July. The special way the sun shines in the summer brings the happiest smiles. Nothing can beat the summer time, if only it could last a lifetime. 

I guess you all are reading this to figure out how the heck we're going to be stylish this summer! Let me introduce you to a few of my Summer Staples. 

Crop tops. Period the end. Absolutely ESSENTIAL to a woman's summer wardrobe. A crop top can be paired with any type of bottom piece you desire. Jeans, a skirt, you can even throw a loose one over a maxi dress. Yes, I promise you can, I have proof! Showing off a little skin during the summer is the perfect way to feel free but also stay classy. The midriff is the most acceptable way for a woman to show off without showing too much. It's not fair that men get to walk around with their shirts off and we don't, but a crop top is a laugh in their face! "Look at how beautiful I am! Not too hard though!" So, what is your favorite crop top outfit? High waisted shorts maybe? How about destroy jeans? If you're feeling creative, try something new! A maxi dress with a crop top is so chic. Maxis can be boring. But if you add a crop top over it, it becomes a whole new outfit! 

Another one of my Summer Staples are the Boyfriend Jeans. Ohemgee, they are an absolute favorite of mine. Loose, comfortable, and stylish, boyfriend jeans have become a hit in the drawers of Maddie. I love the fit, and the way they make me feel. I've noticed that jeans are a hassle to many women. In my opinion, they are the hardest piece to find the perfect fit. Sadly, there's other bad news about jeans. No style or size EVER fit the same! It's quite disappointing. But there is hope! Here to save the day is the glorious Boyfriend Jean! The silver lining of this style of jeans is that they aren't supposed to fit! Funny huh? The thing that makes boyfriend jeans so special is that they are made to be baggy! (But very chic if I do say so myself.) The key is to find a pair that fits your style, not your legs (lol!). Ripped is probably the most popular model right now, but that definitely does NOT mean that you won't be able to find a pair that compliments you! There are all sorts of colors, washes, and styles that cater to your fashion needs! Roll them, splatter them with paint, cut then into capris, throw on a belt, endless possibilities, am I right?? I want to see you work that new pair of jeans, you got this! 

Summer Staple numero tres (number three if you don't speak fluent Spanish...kidding). Sandals. Um, what is Summer without sandals?? My new favorite sandals just happen to be from my new favorite store.....Loft! I'm a little biased because that just happens to be where I work...but, that aside, the sandals I bought from there are adorable! Rose Gold and tan, with a thick strap across the base of the toes, and a secure strap around the ankle and heel, these shoes have to be the best shoes of the summer. (The last photo on the right) The basic one strap at the base of the toes has become a hit among sandal lovers. May I just say...FINALLY! I have been wishing on the fashion star for these sandals for far too long. But now that they are here, I am so excited! Anywhere from basic brown to shimmery bling, the strap on that sandal is making a name for itself. Of course this certain sandal, which I have yet to learn the name of, is not the only sandal out there. There are gladiators, flip-flops, strappy sandals, slip-ons...the list goes forever. The fact is, no one wants sweaty feet this summer, and sandals are the solution! Take or leave it, this trend has caught fire, and I don't foresee it stoppin' any time soon!

So, with three of my Summer Staples, I believe we are all ready to shine this summer! We look good, feel good, and we did it so easily! When life gives you summer, show your style. Summer is the best place to be totally wild with your style, cause honey, SCHOOLS OUT! 

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Blushing Beauties

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