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Fashion Inspirations

There are so many things in the world that can inspire you. Each person is unique in what inspires them. It could be so many things. Fashion is nothing without inspiration. So, what inspires you? 

I totally believe fashion is a form of art. Art is a vessel of expression. So, with that being said, things that inspire you can also inspire what you wear. Inspirations can come from anywhere at anytime. I get inspired by all kinds of things. Music, colors, poems, animals, stories. There are so many things out there that inspire me, and I'm hoping you all can get inspired too! 

Being open to inspiration is the first step. Wanting to be inspired is the next. So where do you start? Well, it's simple really. Start with what interests you. Maybe you're interested in drawing, or dancing. Maybe you like to write, or watch the sunset. All of these things can be inspirations. Think about how these things effect you. Use that feeling to provoke ideas about what you wear! For example, I enjoy listening to Vampire Weekend on my record player. When I listen to this, I think about a soft, punk rock look. Cardigans, grey shades, Converse, stacking bracelets....all these styles come to mind when I listen to Vampire Weekend. Different things trigger different fashion senses. I encourage all of you to try it! Take the energy you have when you are inspired, and turn it into a brand new look!

I want to hear all about what inspires you! Do not hesitate to share you fashion inspirations and creations with me! I'd love to see and hear all about them! I can also give personal tips on how to find inspirations, or how to translate them into styles! Click here to contact me!


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