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Blushing Beauties

Blushing Beauties

From embarrassing moments, to lightly dusted cheeks. From Scarlet O'Hara teaching us all how to instill a natural color to our cheeks with our fingertips, to blush. The color has a special place in our hearts. Summer is here, I think we all are aware of that, because I know I'm not the only one that was counting the seconds until its arrival. This season is about bright, happy colors that compliment our tans. Some people think that blush is more of a Spring color, but I want to bring it with me into the warm, summer air. If you haven't caught on yet, blush is my very favorite color! I love the femininity of the shade. It's beautiful, and light, and it keeps me feeling like a woman. So, how can we incorporate this color into our summer lives? Well, let's take a look shall we? 

It seems as though it's going to be chilly for a little while this summer. Jackets seem to be our best friends at this moment. (I know, WHERE IS SUMMER right?!) Blush is the perfect layering color! In this outfit, I've chosen a simple black top, ripped black skinnies, and to top it off a leather jacket of the most beautiful blushed rose. To add some flair, I chose rose gold loafers, and my rose gold watch. In my mind, I count "rose gold" as blush. The jacket is a statement piece of course, so if you choose to be bold with the jacket, try to keep the basics, like your pants and top, simple. Blush is such a soft color that it needs an edge added. It is difficult sometimes to wear blush because it has a way of washing people out. But, my solution to this (other than being tan) is to wear a dark color to bring that balance back into play. Whether it is black, grey, or even navy, if you are worried about looking pale, wear one of those colors, and they will balance themselves just for you!

| Outfit Details: Top: Wet Seal - Super Soft Striped Tee; Jacket: Forever 21 - Faux Leather Biker Jacket (not exact) Pants: Flying Monkey Jeans  Shoes: Forever 21 - Faux Leather Pointed Loafers; Necklace: Tiffany & Co. - Double Heart Tag Pendant |

As it gets warmer, we'll have to shed those jackets. With that in mind, don't go out and buy a whole new outfit! Just wear a cute summer top with the items you already have! Easy right? So this outfit looks completely different, but I only changed one thing about it. I've chosen a blush dress tee to go along with my skinnies and loafers. This look is classic. A tee and skinny jeans can be worn almost anywhere, you'll look adorable, but you'll also be comfy. The blush gives this a soft, romantic feel which I absolutely LIVE for. 

| Outfit Details; Top: Loft - Fluid Tee; Pants: Flying Monkey Jeans; Shoes: Forever 21 - Faux Leather Pointed Loafers; Necklace: Tiffany & Co. - Double Heart Tag Pendant; Bracelets: Claire's, PandoraWatch: Forever 21 - Chronograph Bracelet Watch (not exact) |

Since we're all praying that it'll get warmer, and the sun will shine again, I think it will happen! With that being said, tank tops are nice for summer days. Here's a simple blush tank that can stand alone, it could serve as an undershirt, or even be used under a cute statement jacket. Also, something that I've just recently learned; it's okay to show the bra straps! As long as you keep it classy, and stylish, bra straps are the thing. I've seen a lot of black or white tanks paired with hot pink (or some fun color) straps! The logic to this trend is: why spend all that money on a cute bra, and keep it hidden? So, whether or not you choose to show those straps off, or keep them hidden, tank tops are a great choice for a summer outing. Once we get a tan on our legs we can shake the dust off of our shorts! Shorts seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I think "short" shorts are okay, as long as the cheeks are completely covered! It's not very lady-like to have a cheek hanging out. Lately, I've been more into the longer cut shorts. Not quite Bermuda, not quite Daisy Duke. Right in the middle seems perfect for me, and it's a good compromise for those who like shorts, but want to stay modest. These light washed, rolled denim shorts are my favorite summer piece by far. They are completely versatile. I can wear them with anything, but also they are very breathable and comfortable. My summer goals are all about feeling relaxed in my clothing. Last, but certainly NOT least, these are my favorite sandals, in my favorite color. Blush is always the way to go! (And the way to my heart!)

Outfit Details: Top: dELiA*s (Reopening Fall 2015); Pants: Loft - Relaxed Denim Shorts in Alexa Wash With 4 Inch Inseam; Shoes: Loft - Ankle Strap Sandals in Faint Pink; NecklaceTiffany & Co. - Double Heart Tag Pendant; Bracelets: Claire's, PandoraWatch: Forever 21 - Chronograph Bracelet Watch (not exact) |

Every girl wants to feel like a princess sometimes. (I want to all the time!...just me? Okay...) The perfect way to show the world you're a princess is to wear something only a princess would wear! Tulle and diamonds are what comes to my mind. What comes to yours? Click here to send me an email or comment below to share your Princess Inspirations! I've always wanted a tulle skirt to channel my inner 50's babe, but I was too afraid to rock it. Now that I have become confident about who I am, and what my style is, I decided to be brave, and pursue my dream about totally rocking a tulle skirt! You can pursue your fashion, too! You have a voice about you're own unique style. Don't be afraid to use it and even shout about it sometimes! So, about $30 later, here I am, feeling like the prettiest princess in my dream. I paired this lovely mauve (I still like to call it blush) tulle creation with a gold, laced crop top. Could this outfit BE anymore royal ball material? I think not! The shimmer on the crop top really accents the hue of the skirt and makes for a lovely couple. My heels are my life. Nude heels is another one of my essentials. Every girl has to own a pair! They go with everything, and they also can add to a creation! They go perfectly with my theme here, but I could also wear them with a cute top and jeans. Flexibility is a must, and nude heels are definitely in that category. With this outfit, I could have gone with gold heels too, just to seal the deal, but the nude mutes the statement a little bit, because we don't want to be over the top.

| Outfit Details; Top: Charlotte Russe; Skirt: Windsor - Mauve Tulle Darling Party Skirt; Shoes: Shi by Journey; NecklaceTiffany & Co. - Double Heart Tag Pendant; Bracelets: Claire's, PandoraWatch: Forever 21 - Chronograph Bracelet Watch (not exact) |

So my blushing beauties, I hope this inspired you to add some blush to your summer/everyday wardrobe! My closet is full of it. I have to force myself to widen my vision sometimes! This color is just such a romantic, and flattering color, I want every woman to have the opportunity to feel what it's like to blush this summer. Good luck M&Ms, I can't wait to hear all about your experiences with Blush!


Photos by Madeline Walker Photography

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