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Designer Swimwear

Ok, calm down. I know you're freaking out too right now! Our beloved, totally iconic, favorite purse designer has launched her very first swimwear line! Kate Spade and swimsuits...how perfect! Naturally, the second I found out, I googled it! Then came the disappointment. $200 for a bathing suit?! Ugh, my dreams were crushed. So, instead of wallowing  in my "poor college student depression" I went hunting. I was able to find a perfect look alike! High-waisted swimwear is all the rave right now. It was easy to find a swimsuit that looks designer, for way less money! This one I found online on Poshmark for $45, as opposed to the Georgia Peach Jewels Bandeau from Kate Spade for $173. So, if you're absolutely desperate for the designer look, but you just don't have the dough to throw, check out some online stores, or hit target. Usually you can find replicas of the gorgeous designer items at Target or Forever 21! Don't settle for breaking the bank when you can look the part, and spend less money!

Another popular Swimwear line is Triangl Swimwear. Gorgeous swimsuits in every color combination you can think of. Not only are you a beach babe, but also like you're ready to hit a beach party in Miami. How could you pass that up? Oh yeah, it's $79 for ONE suit! I. Can't. Even. So here's where Forever 21 comes in! The Neoprene Triangle Bikini is the perfect compromise! It LOOKS like it's Triangl, but it's only $14.90! Fifteen dollars for a swimsuit, I just don't know if you can beat that! 

Here's the lesson. Who says you have to have designer to be beautiful? It's okay to splurge every once and a while. Every girl deserves to spoil herself at appropriate times! But there are ways to look designer without spending that designer fortune! Surf the web! That's the best way to find cheaper prices and designer look-a-likes.  Don't be afraid to strut your stuff, even if it's not designer.

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