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All Business

All Business

Boring business suits and horrid hose. Am I the only one sick of it? Who says you have to be basic, when you can be sassy, classy, and still All Business? It sucks sitting at a desk all day so you might as well be cute and comfortable! Let me show you how! 

Dresses can be a very laid back solution to those very stressful and restrictive suits. Not only are they more comfortable but they also make mornings a lot easier. Since dresses are one piece, it's faster and simpler to get dressed in those early weekday mornings. Now that putting clothes on is faster, you'll have more time to accessorize. In my opinion it's easier to accessorize dresses because they are more versatile. The mood can be set with the accessories you choose. While wearing a dress it is crucial that you have an idea of what image you want to give yourself that day. Sometimes you'll feel dressier, sometimes you'll feel casual. Sometimes it's hard to see that a dress can be both casual and dressy, but here's a little secret. Most dresses can be manipulated to your liking! This dress I've chosen is one of my favorites. The stripes can be all business, or they can be a fun pattern. I chose a simple necklace and silver bracelets to keep a soft, but professional vibe. Along with the jewelry shoes are a very important piece to the outfit you want to create. I chose my go-to nude heels. Pumps are sometimes necessary in the jungle of your office place. The good thing is that you can choose stylish heels that won't give you blisters. Six inch heels are absolutely NOT essential to your outfit choice. You just can't get around in those things, so why torture yourself? Pick simple and chic. But of course make sure they are manageable, and if they aren't then you must say goodbye. So, with the right shoes and the right accessories dresses are a very good choice for office work. Make a statement with your dress and be comfortable all at the same time. Perfect right? 

| Dress: Forever 21; Shoes: Shi by Journey; Jewelry: Claire's |

Patterned pants are a great way to make a bold statement, and still keep it classy. Pants are a strategic business move because you don't have to worry about showing your underwear when bending down to grab something you dropped. Comfortable pants are hard to find sometimes. A lot of women have a hard time finding dress pants that fit perfectly. My advice to you is always stretchy and never too tight. Tight pants suffocate you and sometimes aren't very flattering. The key is to find pants that make you look good and also make you feel like closing that business deal you've been working so hard on. Stretchy is always the way to go. That means that the pants will form to you instead of you trying to form to them. They are breathable and comfortable all at the same time. Finding a shirt to match shouldn't be a difficult task. Think about patterns. If you choose patterned pants, keep the top solid, and vice versa. Here I've chosen stretchy, patterned dress pants, a long layered tank, a black short jacket, and of course my nude heels. This outfit is very comfortable, and very fashionable. It could be worn to work, or out shopping. I like the simple stacking bracelets because they are very feminine and dainty. There's always room for a little silver on your wrist! I also chose my rose gold watch to keep that sophisticated look. Rose gold and silver CAN be worn together! No matter if you choose black like me, or pink, you can still capture this simple and all business look!

| Top: Old Navy; Bottoms: Banana Republic - Sloan-Fit Dot Slim Ankle Pant; Jacket: Forever 21; Shoes: Shi by Journey; Watch: Forever 21  Jewelry: Claire's |

The happy medium between pants and a dress is what? A skirt! If you're a two piece kind of girl, and pants are getting boring, a skirt is always an option. Working is hard. You might as well give yourself the opportunity to look good right? So, if dresses don't appeal to you, but you're tired of wearing pants try and find a skirt, or a couple, that you can wear with confidence. There are all different types of skirts. Maxi, midi, mini...you name it! Find the style that works for you and rock it! In this outfit, I chose to take a typical business woman vibe and make it fun. Instead of wearing an unflattering, uncomfortable long skirt, I found a tan mini skirt that still accomplishes the same goal without that hassle. Legs are meant to be shown off, so do it girl! For my top, I chose a simple, sleeveless button up. Navy and neutral have never looked so good together! A  bonus about wearing neutral is in the summertime, it makes you look tanner. Try to avoid neutral in the winter because it might wash you out. But, the sun is out, and it's been kissing your skin, so neutral is definitely an option. Darker colors are nicely offset with neutral or light colors. The skirt can stand on it's own, so if you're running late, jewelry isn't a do or die. It's always nice to have earrings, and maybe a bracelet, but don't go overboard if your skirt is already busy. Don't be afraid to show off those gorgeous legs, and pretty arms, sleeveless shirts are always a good option, but also a very brave one!

| Top: Banana Republic; Bottom: XXI Forever; Shoes: Shi by Journey |

So, being comfortable and all business is possible. Feeling good and looking good makes for greater success. In the work place, it is important to be confident. You can do it M&Ms!  Be successful not only in your work place, but also in your fashion choices! Feel free to share your looks and thoughts with me! 



hotos by Madeline Walker Photography

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