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Closet Revamp

Women who engage in this service will be investing in some kind of closet reconstruction. Whether that means a simple declutter of your closet or color coding it, this service is here to provide you with the best closet possible. 

Full Closet Revamp:

This option includes decluttering, reorganizing, and reconstructing. 


Reconstruction is all about making a plan to make your closet more accessible, easier to navigate, and aesthetically beautiful.  


Here we will get rid of any clothing you do not want, need, or like any longer. We will decide if compartmentalizing is necessary and what steps will be taken to do so. 


Taking the clothes you have and organizing them in a manner that makes it clean and easy to use. 


  • Must be present for service
  • Must provide a general idea of what you want done
  • Provide your own hangers, containers, etc. 


  • Full Closet Revamp (includes all options) - $100
  • Reconstruction - $55
  • Declutter - $45
  • Reorganization - $35 
  • Payment through PayPal, Venmo, or Cash

Use the forum below for inquiries about this service

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