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Bringing Edgy Back

Bringing Edgy Back


As I promised in my last post, I was going to embrace my edge. The LWD (little white dress) has been such a trend this season. You know me, I don't really do "trends." I do admire all of the women that can keep up and continue to stay trendy. For me personally, I would rather spend my dollars on pieces that are timeless and classic. With that being said, there are a lot of "trends" that find their way into my wardrobe because I know that they I will be able to make them classics. White dresses will always be feminine and elegant. This LWD was from Loft two summers ago. See? It's already lasted! 


The eyelet on this dress along with the dainty floral print make it super feminine. I love adding an edge to my feminine pieces by adding a leather jacket. This one is from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year, so another piece that I've made a classic in my wardrobe. This specific jacket brings the perfect mix of biker chick and fashion statement with the floral embroidery. 

I find that white and black contrast beautifully and can be flattering on so many different skin tones and body types. These colors are very forgiving and easy to style right up. I added my Steve Madden combat boots to complete the look. This way the outfit can be worn in this heat we're expierencing and still have the edge I wanted.


I am so excited about my style update and I have remembered why I am so passionate about blogging and fashion! Wearing fun outfits like these that allow me to create a look that matches my energy and makes me feel unique is exactly why fashion is such a huge part of my life. 

Blogging and fashion are two passions of mine that make me happy. I hope to create content that inspires my readers. I appreciate all of you making my dreams and passions come to life. I couldn't do it without you! 

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Photos By Madeline Culbertson

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