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Style Update

Style Update

Being a blogger is a funny thing. You have no idea how much I cringed going back through some of my old outfit choices (lol at myself.) But, here we are, and I am sharing them with the world. The even more hilarious part about this is that I feel more comfortable sharing these pictures on here than I would face to face with someone because sharing these photos today will help me and hopefully all of you create a wardrobe and an overall style that we adore. 

Literally yesterday I decided it was time for a style update for me. I go through style changes weekly, but this one is more than that. I wasn't in love with the looks I've been creating, and I found myself happier in outfits that I wouldn't normally pay attention to. So to do this style update, I decided I was going to go way back to my old style ways and decide what outfits I like now and which I don't. Surprisingly, there were things I liked about some of these outfits. Those things will become more clear as we go on.

Most of you know the reason why I took a blogging break and why I revamped my blog and title. (If you're new, hi, welcome, read this post to catch up!)  I felt like I lost my unique perspective on style and I was trying to dress myself according to what everyone else was wearing. No, no, no a million times, no. Your unique twist is what makes you feel confident, what makes you stand out, and what makes you YOU. This is why I have to keep blogging, and why I'm sharing this style journey with you. I've made it my mission to help others feel confident in what THEY like instead of shoving trends and designer jeans that barely fit down the throats of my readers. 


I have stopped fighting myself on simple, minimalistic, edgy looks. It's always been what I'm good at, and I always go back to it. Even when my outfit has feminine vibes, there's always a little something I add to it to make it edgy, and I've decided that's just my unique spin. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the feminine looks, boho looks, classic looks, I really love a lot of different styles. I am just going to accept the facts. There will never be much color in my wardrobe, I'll always have an edge to my style, and simpler pieces are what I'm drawn to and make me feel the most confident. This is what makes my style unique. There are so many different words and categories that make up a person's style. Sometimes that's where we get in trouble. We try to categorize our style with one word when in reality it's a lot of different things put into one bigger category - and that's your style.  

So, I think you can guess which pictures of my old outfits that are the most cringe-worthy to me! To my surprise, there are a couple there that I wouldn't mind wearing again even after my style has changed and evolved so much. With this being said, I am digging out things in my closet that aren't my style anymore. There's no need to hoard things that you won't wear or that are taking up space. Soon I'll have a little vlog of how I have revamped my wardrobe to fit my updated style. 

I've added a subscription section at the bottom of my blog and would love for you to subscribe and receive updates in your email! I will continue to keep you updated on my style changes so that we can keep working toward our end goal together, and that goal is to create a wardrobe that is perfect for us. 

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