Personal Shopper

This service is for women who struggle with shopping for themselves, they want to change their shopping habits, or they just don't like shopping. thediamonddays will help you do all of these things with this service. During our shopping times, we will pick stores that you love as well as other stores that you may not have shopped before. The goal with this service is to provide you with the best merchandise for your money and for your personal style.

Size, Style, and Fit Shopping:

Here we will discover pieces that you love, sizes that fit perfectly, and styles that are timeless. Sometimes you need a second opinion on things, and that's ok! thediamonddays is here to steer you in the right direction and be your personal cheerleader. 

*Shopping Trip: 1-4 hours

Shopping Companion:

This option will provide a companion to shop with, to provide a different outlook and to suggest clothing or shops that you might be interested in. This option is for women who love to shop, but want to break out of their shopping norms and try something new.

*Shopping Trip: 1-3 hours

Online Shopper

This option is for women who know their sizes well and know exactly what stores they prefer. It is for women who do not enjoy going out and dealing with lines and crowds. thediamonddays will navigate online stores and sales for you so that you don't have to! You will provide your size, online stores of your choice, and price constraints. We will meet and online shop together so that you can choose your favorite items while receiving advice from thediamonddays!

*Shopping Trip - 1-2 hours

Place Shopper: 

This option is for women who are confident in their style but do not like shopping for new things. thediamonddays will create a detailed style list, price constraints, and a list of stores you want to be shopped. Using this option will help you avoid the chaos of shopping, the hardship of choosing between items, and the tedious walking that shopping entails. 

*Shopping Trip: 2 hours



  • Provide your own funds for shopping
  • Name the service category you are investing in


  • Size, Style, Fit - $40 a shopping trip
  • Shopping Companion - $30 a shopping trip
  • Online Shopping - $30
  • Place Shopping - $50 a shopping trip
    • Because there is a risk of returns, or the possibility of unhappy customers, the price is higher. 
  • Payment through PayPal, Venmo, or Cash

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