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Meet Aubry

Meet Aubry

Say hello to Miss Aubry Elder. She's the first to be interviewed on theDIAMONDdays, and she was so excited to share her story with you M&Ms! Aubry has her own unique style. That's the theme of this blog, to find your own special style that can't be replicated. So Aubry has provided her take on style and how she keeps her style unique to herself. 

When Aubry wakes up in the morning, she admits style is not the first thing that comes to her mind. On the contrary, she picks her outfit based on how she's feeling. Fashion to Aubry is a way to express herself.

"Usually I'm pretty lazy in the mornings so I'll throw on some sweats or something." -Aubry

We all can admit to being guilty of that right? Aubry likes to keep it simple. Her favorite colors to wear include various browns and tope shades. These colors are what make her feel the most relaxed. Being relaxed seems to be important to Aubry. 

Aubry's Go-Tos:

The famous flannel you see in the photos above are a go-to for Aubry. She feels comfortable and confident in them. Flannels can always be an easy and chic choice for days that require quick dressing. Another one of her go-tos are her favorite pair of Toms. She says they go with anything, and they are super comfortable. Last but not least, Aubry loves her leggings. Again, for quick dressing days leggings are a super fast choice. 

Aubry and I talked for a while about the soul. We both agree that it's a huge part of every day life. Both Aubry and I have a bit of Native American decent and all the secrets of the soul are very important in that culture. Naturally I thought that knowing Aubry's spirit animal would be beneficial.  Her spirit animal is a leopard. We both agreed that it fit her well because though the leopard is fierce, he is quiet and meticulous. This description seemed to fit Aubry very well. Along with a spirit animal, I asked our guest what her favorite color was. I think a person's favorite color can reveal quite a bit about their personality. Lavender is her chosen color. Again, this seemed to fit Aubry well. The meaning of lavender is calming, healing,easing of tension and so on. I can literally see the lavender radiate off of her person. Fashion can be a way to see someone for who they really are without even knowing it:)

Now that we've gotten to know Aubry, it's time to get to know you! Ask yourself what your favorite color is, what color do you feel most comfortable in? Most relaxed? What's your spirit animal? All of these aspects can help you find your spot in the fashion world. Don't be afraid to express yourself. If you'd like to do an interview and be featured on theDIAMONDdays, shoot me and email and we'll set it right up! Good luck finding your souls M&Ms! I want to hear all about it!

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