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Meet Darian

Meet Darian

Today I introduce Darian Brooke Frost. This pretty girl classified her style as Hipster Chic. On the contrary, Darian doesn't hate major corporations and mainstream trends. She likes to keep her style easy breezy with a dash of "OMG, where'd you get that?!"  To Darian, fashion is a vessel of expression. Darian, Aubry, and I can all agree that fashion is a way to tell your story and show people who you are. To get a closer look on how Darian views fashion, I asked her... 

"If you see a woman walking down the street in a yellow dress what would you think she was feeling that day?"

Darian answered "I think that women would be happy that day. Yellow is a bright and happy color."

I loved how Darian was confident about feelings being tied with fashion. It let me know that she really believes that there is an emotional tie to what people wear. 

Darian's Go-To's:

Darian loves to wear comfortable oversized tees. She mentioned that her closet is full of them because she wears them constantly. Leggings or jeans is usually what she'll pair them with. Beautiful combination in my opinion. Similar to myself, Darian's go to shoes are her lifesaving Converse. 


Darian gets her outfit ideas and inspirations by looking at pictures in a magazine, or even online on Pinterest. She likes to put her own spin on the pictures she finds. This way she can find out what's trendy and what's not. All the while she is still true to herself and her own fashion sense.

When we started getting into more depth regarding fashion, Darian revealed that her spirit animal is a lion. I asked her how she felt about that conclusion. She said that it was definitely accurate. She is the oldest of her clan, with three younger brothers. Being the only girl, she is automatically respected in her family. Darian also feels like it is her duty to lead and protect her cub brothers, thus making the lion a perfect fit. Darian and I came to a consensus that being a lion in spirit makes her brave and independent when it comes to fashion. 

Darian's favorite color is purple. She believes this color speaks confidence and that seems right up her alley! Google tells me that purple "combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. It is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition." All the characteristics of the majestic lion. I asked Darian if the color appealed to her because of its tie to royalty, but she said no. I think she is very ambitious, has that fierce energy, but is also calm and collected, making purple the perfect color for her spirit. She does enjoy wearing purple, but it's not something she wears on a daily basis.

Being born in July makes this feisty girl a Leo. I think it goes without saying that Darian matches her sign. I mean, her spirit animal is a lion which is the very face of the Leo. It can't get any closer than that! 

Darian feels most comfortable when she's all dressed up. I think this is vey common among women. There almost seems to be an unwritten rule stating "If you look good, you feel good." Darian likes to wear dresses. She feels great in dresses, and looks great too! Although her favorite color is purple, Darian feels most comfortable in greens and blues. She believes that shades of green make the gorgeous color of her hair (which is natural by the way) really stand out. She likes to wear shades of blue because it compliments her skin tone. I think we can all agree on those two things! 

Beautiful miss Frost loves to sing in the shower. I've personally heard her sing, and think she should be singing in other, more public venues, but singing in the shower is something that she loves to do. Singing to her is like a way to let her emotions fly. Things that get Darian down include mistakes in softball, fights with her favorite people, and anything to do with drama. Her worst fear is losing the people she loves. It is a very scary thought to imagine life without a person or even people you love. So to get her mind off of sadness, Darian sings. 

Darian is such a pretty person and a gorgeous soul. Being able to interview her and see her photoshoot was so fun! I love to learn new things about people and also new styles. It's neat to know that everyone has their own unique take on fashion. Thanks to Darian for sharing this with us!

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